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Give Up 2

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The world of gaming has drastically changed, from the small gameboys we used to hide in our bag packs on our way to school, to the related online games we currently can’t escape. One of the exciting games that have graced gamers with its presence is the “Give Up 2” online flash game. An interesting factor is that the game teaches people everywhere a critical life lesson. The teaching is simple, that even amidst adversity, you have to get up dust yourself off, and proceed on to the next barrier or obstacle of the life.

Main Objective.

The online flash game, Give Up 2 is all about moving on, plugging courageously forward through each increasing dangerous environment and all barriers. In the game, you should avoid hindrances such as lasers, spikes, invisible doors and missiles, and most importantly your arch enemy and greatest tormentor and enemy, an evil robot. Navigating through the game is far from being completed, and clear to comprehend within less than a second. Here, all that your required to do is use the arrow keys on your computer to go forward and to jump to the exit door from the exit tube.


In Give Up 2, reflexes are crucial to your ultimate success. Once you meet your death, then be sure that this is not a consoling factor as you have to begin the level all over again. To make matters worse, at the bottom, a Give Up is indicated a tempting fate for those who may be struggling. However, remember the objective of the game, which is pressing on and overcoming all. The game has fantastic voice acting from a talented cast that despite their obvious annoyingness, they are still able to be funny. The more you play the game, the more the game becomes harder and harder. In Give Up 2, it is essential that you are up to the task as the difficulty level changes rapidly. This game is the best way to spend you time with pleasure and fun, so we are waiting for you.

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